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360 or Skydeck Chicago

What is everyone's preference on either 360 Chicago at John Hancock centre or Skydeck at Willis Tower in Chicago. I am visitng in August and not sure which one to go for.

Thank you

asked on 16/06/2017
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Beaver Travel Travel Advisor
Asked on 16/06/2017

4 answers

Both are great. i personally prefer the John hancock Building as you can see magnificent views of the beaches chicago has and also Lake Michigan. It also has the Tilt ride which is really fun. If you have the time do both and they are open till late so both are possible. But if you can only do one I would say John Hancock. Hope that helps


Yup same here.

360 is amazing especially the "tilt", but if you can do both then go for it

If you are on the open top bus tour then this would stop at both as well

Also if you get the chance, take a Segue tour around Chicago, well worth it






360 definitely. Tilt is great.


answered on 18/02/2018
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Answered on 18/02/2018

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