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Any tips?

I received my decline email yesterday for the megafam and as I had thought I might just be lucky this time I had arranged to have time off work.  So today I have booked flights for my own holiday into Chicago and back out of Dallas for next month!  I know all of the main attractions and stuff to do but if anyone has got any tips, unusual ideas, best restuarants, little gems to stay in that have al been tried and tested  I would really appreciate it.  Thinking of Saugatuck on Lake Michigan and maybe San Antonio down south to be added.  Thoughts please?


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Try Austin in Texas, Its a great little place, good food/entertainment loads to see and do. Got a great feel about the place


Hi Gillian, I experienced a dining river cruise in San Antonio, I highly recommend. There is also a great Czech bakery scene - the cinnamon buns are delicious! Of course the Alamo is a must. Hope that helps! Emily 


Definitely do the Prohibition Tour in Chicago, great night out and really interesting. There were a few singles on it when I did it and everyone was really friendly. We ended up partying together after the tour had ended until the wee small hours!



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