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Boston to NYC city

Hi guys i have a customer that is flying into Boston in October has done Boston and Cape Cod but is wanting to drive to NYC he really wants to visit Stockbridge which i am struggling with making an itinerery  i have 6 nights to fill for this drive can anyone suggest stops along the route customers like small towns and small old hotels any suggestions ?




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Hi Corrine,

We did a similar route for the megafam 2015!

Stopped at Newport RI which features the famous mansion walks and had a lovely town centre,

Then Mystic (Mystic pizza film) gorgoeus qaint town and great Maritime musuem,

New haven., pay a visit to Yale University

Then finished off in Stamford which is good for shopping, not a huge amount to do here really but get there earliy enough and he can drop his car hire off here and take the Amtrak into NYC which is much easier!

Hope this gives you some ideas anyway :)


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