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The USA Discovery Program is Brand USA's official online training tool about the diverse destinations and experiences available in the USA to inspire and help the travel industry get accredited as USA Specialists.

Agents learn geographical information on regions, as well as individual states and territories. Agents can then earn USA Specialist badges, such as Big City Buzz, the Great Outdoors and Family Holidays, as well as bespoke partner badges.

The USA Discovery Program currently has over 12,000 members across following markets:

  • Global Site
  • UK & Ireland
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • India
  • Brazil
  • China

A new site will be launching in Mexico soon.

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Unique Features

MegaFam Integration

Brand USA's MegaFam is tied in with the USA Discovery Program. Agents must enter via the site and earn badges.

Live Events & Webinars

Agents can participate in interactive live events and webinars, allowing them to engage directly with destinations and products in the USA.

Peer to Peer Learning

The Knowledge Forum allows agents to share their insights and expertise with fellow members.

Get with the Program!

Create a bespoke partner badge

Six brand new site pages that include:

  • 1 product/destination overview page of up to 350 words
  • 4 content pages of up to 350 words each detailing the specifics of the product or destination that may include up to 5 key facts per page
  • 1 quiz page resulting in a bespoke Specialist badge

Development will also include:

  • Partner social media handles and links
  • Promotion in monthly member newsletter
  • Support through online advertising on the USA Discovery Program site
  • Optional: The Brand USA in-market offices can also manage and run bespoke incentive campaigns


Creation of Badge

Content and quiz creation, web build/management. Runs across all markets.


Annual Maintenance

To be paid on October 1 per annum.



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What our members are saying

The USA Discovery Program is very informative and is made fun by the quizzes at the end of each module. Of course, I love the incentives too as I recently won an iPad - so now I can use it wherever I am!

Helen Camplin - Kennedy Travel & North America Travel Service, UK

The modules were great fun and really interesting so I kept at them until I completed everything I could find. So thanks to you guys for that. I haven’t enjoyed any destination based training so much in ages!

Laurie Pitt - AOT Group, Australia

I have found the online course a fantastic wealth of information and have really enjoyed doing this. I love the USA and it has really made me want to explore it more in depth.

Kylie Rolls - Qantas Holidays and Viva!, Australia

The USA Discovery Program has enhanced my knowledge of the USA as a tourism destination significantly, meaning I can talk to clients with confidence about all different types of holidays available.

Jessica Smith - Glentop ltd. Traveltime, UK

Once I got started I had to keep going! I found there was a lot I didn’t know about the USA!

Nina Marchioli - RACT Travelworld Kingston, Australia

I found the training modules both enjoyable and addictive – once I started it was difficult to let go.

Richard Davis - Golfmax Holidays, Australia

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