From theatre to literature, Americans have long had a love affair with the arts. The world's third-largest nation has made tremendous contributions to the arts. Georgia O'Keeffe's wild landscapes, Robert Rauschenberg's surreal collages, Alexander Calder's elegant mobiles and Jackson Pollock's drip paintings have entered the vernacular of modern 20th-century art. Cities such as Chicago and New York have become veritable drawing boards for the great architects of the modern era, and the USA’s cities abound with art galleries and museums – a must-visit during any holiday.

Our cities play host to a huge array of cutting-edge cultural festivals, and offer music, theatre and dance performances and art exhibitions every day of the week. Get involved in traditional Native American events and enjoy taking part in a Pow Wow’s musical and cultural events. In smaller towns you can catch performances by local musicians and see hand-made art and craft.

Musically speaking, the USA has few peers on the world stage. From the soulful blues born in the Mississippi Delta to the bluegrass of Appalachia and Detroit's Motown sound, plus jazz, funk, hip-hop, country, and rock and roll – the country has invented sounds that are integral to modern music across the globe and which resonate across our lifestyle.

Art Stand, New Orleans
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