In many ways, many see the Northeast as the most familiar part of the USA. It has global wonders galore – New York City, with its lofty skyline; Boston, with its colonial history; the leafy scenery of New England; and Niagara Falls – perhaps America’s most iconic water feature.

Yet this fascinatingly diverse region can boast numerous wonders beyond the obvious.

There are plenty of energetic cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s grand metropolis and the birthplace of American democracy; Pittsburgh, Philly’s state rival, home to the Pop Art of the Andy Warhol Museum; Baltimore, the Maryland city that has many great restaurants.

America goes to the sea in New Jersey, where Atlantic City is full of lively appeal – and in Delaware, where the Atlantic rushes to shore at Rehoboth Beach. Connecticut and Rhode Island, meanwhile, offer an unhurried seaside experience; all pretty towns and bays.

Connecticut and Rhode Island are two of the six states of New England, a region that is praised for the beauty of its autumn season (but is great to visit at any time). Of the four other states, Massachusetts has the lovely hillsides of the Berkshires, Vermont has the ski-friendly Green Mountains, New Hampshire has the trees and peaks of the White Mountains – and Maine, the largest New England state, deals in lakes, forests and tranquility.

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