America’s sun-kissed Southeast is a popular holiday destination of enormous variety.

Many visitors are already familiar with Florida, where the theme parks of Orlando, the beaches of Miami and the road-trip heaven of the Florida Keys need little introduction.

However, Florida is not the only state to mix seafront and culture. Georgia’s coastline includes the city of Savannah, with its rich heritage. South Carolina has historic Charleston. North Carolina has the barrier islands of the Outer Banks (where the Wright Brothers flew) and Virginia combines the sands of Virginia Beach with the colonial memories of Jamestown and Williamsburg. Alabama, meanwhile, is home to the key cities of Montgomery and Birmingham.

A short flight away lie two of the five U.S. Territories, as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands offer Caribbean escape zones.

The Southeaast is just as intriguing inland as from the waterline. West Virginia has the high bluffs of the Appalachian Mountains, just as Kentucky is largely flat (and a major home of horse racing). Tennessee revolves around the musical cities of Nashville and Memphis. Mississippi deals in American Civil War tales at Vicksburg; Arkansas has a less-known gem in its capital Little Rock, and Louisiana boasts New Orleans – a world-famous city.

At the heart of all this lies Washington D.C., the national capital and a global metropolis.

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Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C
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